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The Process - Bespoke Tax Solutions Southport

There is no use talking about the problem unless you talk about the solution.
— Betty Williams

The Process

Initial Meeting

Tell us what you want to achieve!

This is our first opportunity to learn how we can work together going forwards and can take place in person or via electronic means. Arguably, this is the most important part of our ‘Client Onboarding Process,’ whereby we can address requirements, focus areas and ultimately what you seek to achieve.

Our initial meeting will be documented and will underpin all future correspondence. Think of this as the foundations to your end goal.

Fact Find

At Arthur Cromwell & Foster Ltd, we call this our informal ‘Deep Dive.’

This is where we pick up on all documented ‘focus areas’ and ask questions accordingly. Our aim is to learn exactly what your financial circumstances currently are as well as asking targeted questions to define the scope of what you are seeking to achieve. At this point, we are already structuring the solution to your problem(s). The answers given add direction to our questioning and help our analysis.  The only way to solve any problem is to address a need. At Arthur Cromwell & Foster Ltd, we believe that a client’s need is at the ‘heart of an onion.’ All of the external layers are superfluous. Our expertise is in tailoring our questions to identify your ‘needs.’

Once we have the need(s), we can definitively solve the problem.

Understanding Future Plans

At Arthur Cromwell & Foster Ltd, we go beyond what is necessary. Of course, all tax compliance obligations will be undertaken. However, we are a solution focused business. Our aim is to look after not only your current but future needs. We will address areas such as future tax planning, income restructure along with making sure that you are making use of every available allowance and relief. If we believe that you may benefit from speaking with another professional such as an Independent Financial Adviser or Solicitor then we would be delighted to introduce you in line with GDPR Regulations. Ultimately, we give you a long-term commitment by bringing you into a ‘close knit’ and trusted professional network. 

As a client, you are our most important asset and we will strive to do everything within our professional scope to help you.

Bespoke Solution

This is the culmination of all information previously collated. Arthur Cromwell & Foster are unique as we build your ‘Tax Road Map.’ This is the precise tax mechanism which will be used, addressing all of your needs, which will detail case law, legislation and projected timescales. Using this approach, you are aware of what is happening and where you are up to in the process.

Arthur Cromwell & Foster Ltd is underpinned by one major factor. No client is ever the same. With this in mind, no solution is ever the same. Henceforth, you can be assured that your ‘Tax Road Map,’ has been built bespoke for you in line with a pre-defined and mutually beneficial timescale.