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How we started…



Thanks for visiting Arthur Cromwell & Foster – Tax Accountants.

My name is Ben Foster. I am the Tax Director at A | C | F.
As you can see from the drawings above, building this business is my dream realised. The blueprints have been many years in the making. I have approximately a decade of experience in professional tax post Law School. However, after working at HM Revenue & Customs and whilst working at BDO LLP, I lost my beloved father Arthur in January 2018 to cancer.

After becoming a member of the Association of Tax Technicians (ATT), I subsequently decided to live my life on one simple philosophy which my dad instilled into me. If you want anything enough and work hard for it, you will get it. Through years of hard work and sacrifice, this culminated in A | C | F Tax.

A | C | F Tax carries on my dad’s legacy by reminding me every day of how my father treated clients - with honesty, respect and professionalism. My dad was also a tax professional.

I will always remember the way he solved problems. No solution was ever the same. He taught me to find materiality in supposed complexity. Then, draw a diagram and find the mechanism to reach the end goal and the actions which need to be achieved, step by step.

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“Hard work turns a dream into a plan.”

– Arthur Foster

This is how A | C | F functions now. We listen to the problem. We ask questions. We learn all circumstances. We view in line with current legislation and guidelines. We solve and implement a bespoke mechanism.

We claim that we are ‘re-defining tax.’ Actually, we’re making the complexity of tax simple, for the benefit of our clients. Please be assured that we will be at your service when you need us, 24/7.

A | C | F Tax. A company inspired by my father, built by myself and to be passed on to my children.
We look forward to the pleasure of hopefully working with you.

With Warmest Regards,

Ben Foster
– Tax Director & CEO.