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Factsheets are a library of concise summaries of information. Click on the links below to access the relevant topics. Please contact us if we can provide further help and guidance.

Capital Taxes

This group of factsheets covers taxes on the disposal, generally by way of sale, of capital assets and the taxes due on death.

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Corporate & Business Tax

The taxation issues you need to consider for both unincorporated and corporate businesses.

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Employment & Related Matters

Concise summaries of information on employment law related topics relevant to both employers and employees.

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Employment Issues (Tax)

Concise information on the tax issues relevant to both employers and employees.

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General Business

Issues to consider when running your own business.

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Concise information on ICT matters.

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Pensions are an important consideration for all and become more so the older you get but what are the rules?

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Personal Tax

Concise information on a variety of topics relevant to an individual.

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Specialist Areas

A round up of some specialist areas from Money Laundering to Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs.

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Starting up in Business

The issues to consider when starting up in business.

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The VAT issues you need to consider when running your business.

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